Lara, 29 from the Pac Northwest.
Me reblogging the various geeky things that I love!
I used to list out all of the things I like, but the list got too long. I just really like a lot of different stuff, okay? i go on reblogging sprees of one fandom for a while, then go back to posting a little of everything.
Sorry, non sportsy people, during football season, I go a little Seahawks crazy. Just scroll on past it. :)
I am a respectful shipper. I don't care who you ship with who, I will respect yours as long as you respect mine. :)
I am RetailAvenger85 most places on the internet, and Xbox live. Except on Twitter. There I'm lara814.
I"m always willing to chat with people, so if you ever feel you need a new internet buddy, drop me a line.
Animal Crossing Dream Address: 5400-2109-6339
3DS Friend Code:0430-8309-0537

My Fallout 3 Cosplay
My Fallout Screenshot Photosets
My Shenko Fanfic


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